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About The Rude Dude

passion for computer technology and fitness
It’s Me!

I am Louise Morales AKA The Rude Dude. The nickname comes from my time in the ska and reggae music scene. It has just stuck since then and I decided to use it for my original personal training business. This website began as a place to share tips and information about fitness and exercise as I was working strictly as a personal trainer at the time. Like many personal trainers I found a need to supplement my income. I got into finding creative ways to make money online. This allowed me to create a career that coexisted alongside with my original passion for fitness. My two passions have given me a new freedom that I want to share with anyone interested on pursuing a similar path. I now maintain this site with topics related to technology and fitness. I am also pursuing both virtual and in-person events and appearance to share my experience and help others who are in the same boat that I was in. I hope you find something helpful. Feel free to reach out or share any feedback. Thank you.